ADHD Symptoms and a Vitamin B12 Deficiency: What's the Connection?

ADHD symptoms

Learn How Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid Helps With This Condition

ADHD symptoms can cover several behavioral problems: inattentiveness, being over-active or too impulsive, or a combination of these. While most research into ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) has focused on children, recent research suggests that the symptoms continue into adulthood in up to 50% of adults who had the disorder as children.

Some ADHD-type behaviors are to be expected in children, but when several ADHD symptoms occur that exceed the normal range for a child’s age, a diagnosis of adult ADHD may be made. If you’re a concerned parent or grandparent, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms.

ADHD isn’t restricted to children. It’s a long-term condition, but adults can often better control their behavior, and disguise their symptoms.

ADHD symptoms are grouped into two categories:

  1. Inattentiveness
  2. Hyperactivity and impulsivity

Some children with ADHD may have a combination of these symptoms.

The Symptoms That Make Up ADHD:
Lack of Attention, Surplus of Activity and Impulsive Behavior


  1. Doesn’t pay attention to details, or makes careless errors in work or school assignments
  2. Has trouble maintaining attention in work or play
  3. Doesn’t seem to listen when spoken to
  4. Doesn’t follow through; fails to finish schoolwork, chores or workplace duties
  5. Has trouble organizing tasks and activities
  6. Resists activities such as schoolwork that require sustained mental focus
  7. Tends to lose items needed for tasks or activities, such as toys, pencils or books
  8. Is easily distracted
  9. Is often forgetful


  1. Has restless hands or feet, or squirms in a seat
  2. Leaves a seat when staying seated is expected
  3. Runs around or climbs in inappropriate situations
  4. Has trouble playing quietly
  5. Is often excessively active or talkative


  1. Blurts out answers before questions are finished
  2. Has difficulty waiting his or her turn
  3. Interrupts or breaks into others’ conversations or games

While the cause of ADHD isn’t yet pinpointed, we do know this: it’s one of the most commonly-diagnosed behavioral problems. As much as 5% of school-aged children have this disorder.

The Brain-Boosting Power of Vitamin B-12: Proven Vital to Mental Wellness, Essential to Healthy Lives

There are prescription drugs available to treat this disorder. But as you may know, these powerful drugs can have serious side effects. There is strong clinical evidence to support the link between essential nutrients and vitamins – particularly vitamin B12 – and mental function. Studies have shown that a vitamin B12 deficiency may decrease levels of substances needed to transmit nerve signals.

This reduced ability to transmit nerve signals has shown up in brain tests conducted on children with ADHD. In people of any age, this problem with nerve signals can lesson or damage mental functioning.

Other research indicates that those who have a vitamin B12 deficiency can have mental and physical problems, including inability to focus and forgetfulness. So, in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, I recommend that everyone get enough essential vitamins like B-12.

One of the best ways to make sure that you or a loved one gets enough vitamin B12 is to take a Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid supplement.

Millions of people take Sublingual B-12 daily, and it couldn’t be easier: You just place a pill under your tongue and let it dissolve. This ensures that you get maximum absorption of the vitamin B12 into your bloodstream for maximum benefit.

Oral B-12 pills are very ineffective because the B vitamins cannot absorb into your bloodstream as easily as other vitamins can. By taking a Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid supplement you can also eliminate the pain and expense of a B-12 shot while getting 100% of the B vitamins you need daily.

We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to do all we can to reduce ADHD symptoms and promote optimum health.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consult your healthcare provider before giving Sublingual B-12 to anyone under the age of 10.

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