Alzheimers Disease:
Could a Lack of Vitamin B12 Be the Culprit?

Alzheimers Disease: Could a Lack of Vitamin B12 Be the Culprit?

Alzheimers disease: Do you have to symptoms of an aging mind?

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve lost your mental edge?

Memory problems, lack of concentration and focus, and the ability to think clearly and quickly are not a normal part of aging.

What is the culprit?
– Often a lack of B vitamins!

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that causes both the loss of memory and the progressive decline of cognitive abilities. The slowly progressive destruction of nerve cells in the brain leads to Alzheimers disease.

While it is natural to lose a certain number of nerve cells as we get older, the loss occurs much more rapidly in people suffering from Alzheimer's. And as a result, the brain of the victim cannot function normally.

In most cases, the exact cause cannot be explained. And while we don’t always know what causes it, we are very familiar with its devastating effects.

According to the World Health Organization:

  • Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia in elderly people.
  • In the U.S. as many as 25% of people over 75 years of age have Alzheimers…the disease affects as many as 47% of people over the age of 85.
  • More than 5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
  • The health care costs to treat people with Alzheimers are a staggering $100 billion per year.

Alzheimers and B vitamins In the News!

Alzheimers disease affects millions of Americans every day.

According to recent Alzheimer's disease research, people with low levels of vitamin B12 and Folic Acid may be at increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Swedish researchers have found that vitamin B12 or Folic Acid deficiencies affect Alzheimers disease, leading to cell death or neurological conditions like Alzheimers. Elderly patients with dementia, often a pre-cursor to Alzheimers, showed deficient levels of both vitamins. - Neurology, May, 2001

Studies have found a correlation between low vitamin B12 levels and the development of Alzheimers disease and dementia – researchers at the Karolinska Institute provide convincing evidence that a B-12 or Folic Acid deficiency is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimers disease and dementia.

The February 2002 edition of The new England Journal of Medicine reports that evidence is now mounting that Folic Acid may help stave off Alzheimers and its devastating effects. According to the study, high levels of homocysteine are now thought to be a risk factor for dementia and Alzheimers disease.

In a study of 30 patients 65 years old and older, with symptoms of primary degenerative dementia of Alzheimers type, homocysteine levels were much lower in the control group than in the patients with dementia. - International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Vol. 13, 1998

Memory loss problems with concentration and other mental failings afflict millions of Americans. The good news is you don’t have to lose your mental agility as you grow older.

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