Spring time

by Dave
(Columbus, OH)

Spring time usually symbolizes joy, swings, flowers and happiness. For me, spring time meant confinement, irritation, prison, anxiety and depression. I couldn’t even go out and smell the flowers I planted myself. I couldn’t enjoy my own lawn, sit outdoors or even visit someone.

Each year, come spring, I would have to lock myself indoors for a minimum of three weeks. I couldn’t go pick up my kids from school, take my usual evening walks or even play outside with my son. Everything was confined within the four walls. Sometimes I would get so frustrated; my husband would send me off to Dubai to visit my brother for those three weeks.

My allergy to pollen was becoming worse each year. Runny, watery eyes and nose, itchy and irritable, and a lot of breathlessness were the norm. I ended up being totally dependent on inhalers and steroids so that I could pass this time safely.

Then, one year, a friend of mine, advised me to visit this homeopath doctor who lived quite far away from the city. The whole trip took almost five hours, but it was worth it. He gave me some drops to apply on my skin or I could dilute them in a bit of water. It took about a week before I began to feel the difference.

I got the medication checked at a laboratory for hidden steroids but, was pleased to find none. My faith in this doctor became stronger with each passing day. When the next spring came, I was well prepared. I had already started his medication two weeks earlier and although I did sneeze a bit, I could still go outside without gasping for breath and my normal routine was not at all disturbed. I did not have to lock myself in and therefore, getting depressed or having anxiety attacks was not something I had to worry about.

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