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      Spring time

      Spring time usually symbolizes joy, swings, flowers and happiness. For me, spring time meant confinement, irritation, prison, anxiety and depression. I

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      Contribute To Ultimate Vitamin B12 Guide

      Would you like to share your knowledge about Vitamin B12? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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      ADHD Symptoms and a Vitamin B12 Deficiency: What's the Connection?

      Can vitamin B12 help reduce ADHD symptoms and promote optimum health for you and your loved ones?

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      Seasonal Allergies: Can Vitamin B12 Help You Breathe Easier?

      Recent studies show that Vitamin B-12 can help you with seasonal allergies and it can reduce allergy symptoms by as much as 50%! Find out How!

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      Sublingual B12: The New Way to Get the Vitamin B12 You Need.

      Sublingual B12 works best when it melts under your tongue and absorbs better than taking B vitamins orally. No more painful and expensive B-12 shots.

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